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Image description: All vehicle will experience various paint damages such as fine scratch, paint blemish, deep scratch, acid contamination, water mark and lastly the gravel chip which could easily penetrate into the base coat and high chances of destructing the primer/main coat. With Magnus Pro PPF install on top of the paintwork, it can prevent from those damages yet preserve the original aesthetic appearance with superior clarity and gloss.

Magnus Pro offers few product lines to fulfil the ever-changing market demand. Each of our film excel in one of the key features such as insane clarity, superb hydrophobic and  miraculous instant self healing. You name it, we have it all here under one roof – HD, Infinity, Optimum.

Super Hydrophobic Effect
Unique SiO2 coating embedded on the top layer of the Magnus Pro film which enable Proprietary of Self Cleaning feature & anti stain for maximum dirt and stain resistance against environmental contaminants and graffiti.
215 Microns Thickness
Ultra thick polyurethane is measured in multiply of hundreds of microns thicker than original clear coat.
Superior Clarity
Self Healing Capability
Self-healing capability against minor scratches and abrasions without external heat elements
Exceptional High Gloss
Unrivalled level of clarity allows the glossiness remains at all time and better built with least possible orange-peel texture to ensure spectacle reflective finishing


  • Proprietary of Self Cleaning feature & anti stain for maximum dirt and stain resistance against environmental contaminants and graffiti.
  • Optically clear clarity & exceptional high gloss added to paintwork.
  • Self healing capability against minor scratches and abrasions.
  • Industry leader & setting the benchmark in clarity, gloss, thickness, self healing capability, anti stains feature


  • Magnus Pro Sealant is formulated as a acrylic polymer mean to protect the aliphatic urethan paint protection film. The sealant will form a strong bonding with the film’s molecule structure and create a sacrificial barrier from environmental defect, bugs and UV exposure due to the special formulation with the Magnus Pro film, the sealent is much more effective as compare to the regular waxes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A professional installed and proper maintenance of Magnus Pro PPF is warrantied for 6 years (terms and conditions apply).

We highly recommend car wash minimum once a week and a finishing step with a simple spray on sealant application if preferred. Magnus Pro PPF is embedded with a layer of glass coating for additional protection.

Good news is that no polishing or waxing is required after PPF installation. It will retain its condition & features with just simple car wash and spray on sealant finishing.

We fully custom cut all PPF according to each part of the car using state-of-the-art plotter machine and fully wrap the part wherever its possible.

Glass coating is few micron ultra thin layer of protection, an affordable protection option against mild environmental fallout, dust/debris and oxidization. PPF is a tangible and solid form of protection against scratches, stone chip, environmental fallout and oxidization. PPF is so robust as its thickness is considerably 200% to 400% thicker than the original clear coat. These two options only require a weekly car wash and spray on sealant minus out the polishing and waxing to stay vibrant.

Definitely! Magnus Pro PPF can be coated with our ceramic based coating for ultimate layer of protection yet remains glossy and vibrant.