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Adam's Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad

Adam's Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad

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The Adam's Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad offers faster correction of swirls and scratches, designed to help you achieve more with your dual action, random orbit, or even rotary tool than ever before. Using premium grade cutting microfiber and a high-density, thinner foam backing than our previous Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad, these pads will cut through moderate to heavy swirl marks with ease when paired with our Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound.

  • Microfiber Pad Technology Cuts Faster Than Foam
  • Designed for Use With Adam's Swirl Killer Polishing Machines
  • Fits On 2" 4" 5" & 6" Backing Plates
  • Color Matched to Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound
  • Remove Swirls, Haze, Light Scratches & More!

وساده خلوية سميكة ومغلقة للقطع قوي لازالة الدوائر والخدوش مصممه للاستخدام مع جهاز ادمز للبوليش .

متوفر بحجم 2, 4, ,5 و 6

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