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Adam's Patriot Wax

Adam's Patriot Wax

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Our best achievement in paste wax. This  Patriot Wax includes an approximate 6oz pour of a Wax & SiO2 blend for optimal shine and protection.

  • Concours Level Wax Blends
  • Hand Blended In Small Batches
  • Infused With A Small Amount Of SiO2
  • Applies Smooth & Easily Wipes Off
  • 6oz Pour
  • Made In The USA

Years ago, Adam's Polishes Team set out to produce an Ultra-Premium Paste Wax, one that would challenge us to formulate something to outperform our current waxes. A wax that produced amazing depth, gloss, clarity and shine while maintaining ease of use. This ambitious project utilizes the very finest ingredients available, in high concentrations, in our own proprietary blend to provide a wax of unparalleled quality for our most discerning and shine obsessed customers. We named this ambitious project PATRIOT and packaged it in limited edition, CNC machined, solid billet aluminum containers with only 250 units originally produced. A portion of every unit sold was also donated directly to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

The hand-mixed concours-level wax was received to rave reviews from the ones fortunate enough to purchase it, but many customers were left wanting to try this amazing blend. The price for exclusivity was high, as was the demand, and many customers begged us to offer a lower cost option, so Patriot Wax came back in a more economical package at a more affordable price-point. We then reformulated our very popular Americana Paste Wax to have a similar ease-of-use to Patriot Wax, and the new formula is so good that Patriot Wax went away for a while.

We heard the demand yet again, and customers have been asking for the past year for us to bring back Patriot Wax...but we couldn't just bring it back without making it better. Building upon what our chemists had improved with Americana, this new version of Patriot Wax contains 2 times the carnauba content of Americana, for truly amazing depth and warmth; and we've also infused it with a small amount of SiO2 silica, to have better clarity and similar protection characteristics of a ceramic coating. What this means is that you will see an even better shine than our previous Patriot Wax, while also having great water-repelling properties, and more resistance to hot summer days.

Only the most premium, purest, freshest Brazilian carnauba wax is used to mix this small batch, hand-poured wax, so you’re certain to receive a product worthy of even the most discerning shine seeker. Each batch is carefully mixed with shine enhancing oils and reinforcing polymers to provide an unbelievable level of gloss and an application experience that is truly special. This is a wax for your prized show car, weekend pleasure driver, or a truly special detail.

Our new regular production run of Patriot Wax comes packaged in a lightweight clear container to show the new red, white, and blue color theme, includes an approximately liquid 6oz pour of our blend. We recommend you refrigerate Patriot Wax and keep it away from excessive heat.
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