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Adam's UV Ceramic Wheel Coating

Adam's UV Ceramic Wheel Coating

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When used with Adam's UV Flashlight, this coating allows you to see where the coating has been applied! Add long-lasting, extreme hydrophobic effects for painted, powder coated, clear coated, and anodized wheel surfaces. Now with Patent Pending Ceramic Glow Technology, ceramic coating your wheels has never been easier. 

  • Patent Pending, UV Tracing technology™
  • Enhance Gloss, Depth, and Shine
  • Adds Extreme Hydrophobic Effects
  • 9H Hardness, 6+ years protection
  • 50mL Bottle does 3 sets of standard wheels
  • Extremely durable protection, repels water and elements
  • Made in the USA

Adam’s UV Ceramic Wheel Coating is the longest lasting and most durable form of protection for your wheels. Providing a 9H hardness and years of protection against the harshest elements you can think of, Adam’s UV Ceramic Wheel Coating has increased longevity, but the ending result of the finished coating is significantly slicker! In addition to the formulary upgrades, this product has been infused with patent-pending Ceramic Glow Technology-- this unique feature not only plays the role of an application aid for first-time users but also allows professionals to sharpen their skills with the incredibly thorough application.

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